Team Coaching

Team Coaching is similar to Group Coaching in that is bring the coaching conversation into a small group context.  Our Team Coaching sessions also involve groups of between 4 and 10 people to address a particular issue. However, they differs from our group coaching sessions in that all members of the team are striving towards the same goal. Coaching helps them with the process of working together more effectively to achieve that end goal.

Examples of topics a team may cover include:

  • Effective leadership
  • Completion of a project
  • Improving communication
  • Managing change
  • Becoming a better manager/leader
  • Business Vision/Mission and Values
  • Employee Engagement
  • Applied learning and accountability following training

Benefits of Team Coaching

  • Allows team members to share and really understand the common goals that they are working towards
  • Guides and supports team members to closely consider problems and create powerful strategies for solving them
  • Allows knowledge sharing and support between departments
  • Increases engagement by providing employees with a confidential environment where they can be open and honest about what they are experiencing
  • Extremely useful for teams that are newly formed or have new leadership
  • Accelerates team performance
  • A fantastic as a follow-on after training to ensure learnings from the training are applied, and to create an on-going accountability structure
  • The strong focus on team members working together and helping one another can quickly form close relationships between the members

Team Coaching methods

We provide team coaching at your offices or other preferred meeting location. Contact us now to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.