Individual Coaching

A personal and confidential service whereby a Coach works with an individual person on a one-to-one basis. This may be a Business Owner, a Managing Director, an established Team Leader, an individual identified as future Team Leader, or a team member who is not fulfilling their potential. Essentially, anyone you are keen to retain and invest in.


Benefits of Individual Coaching

  • Clarify your goals/objectives and ensure you are reaching them sooner
  • Increases self-reliance
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • Communicate more effectively with others
  • Overcome costly and time-consuming performance issues
  • Learn to work smarter
  • Increase the return of investment from training from 20 percent to 90 percent


 Individual Coaching is particularly useful for:

  • Business owners who want to grow their business and improve profitability
  • Those managing people who want to reach their full potential, improve their team’s performance and engagement
  • Anyone who would like to communicate more effectively with others
  • Anyone who has received any form of training and would like to increase the return on investment of that training in cost effective manner


Individual Coaching Packages:-

Business Owners – We offer a range of packages to suit Business Owners. Choose from our weekly coaching calls to more in depth planning sessions.

People Managers – Our packages include coaching sessions accompanied by 360 reviews and personality profiling to accelerate leadership success.

New People Managers – We offer a 90 day on-boarding program for managers moving into new leadership roles, to ensure smooth transition and ultimately accelerate leadership success.

Improving ROI on training – Research shows that the return on investment on training is quadrupled when accompanied by individual coaching. We offer a coaching package specifically designed increase your return on investment in training, regardless of whether we have provided that training or not.

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