At Delphinium Business Coaching we believe that everyone is individual. It naturally followers that every business is individual and the needs of each individual business are different. Therefore, we provide a range of services to cater for your individual needs.


We provide coaching on an individual, group and team basis. For further details select from the list below:

Individual Coaching
Group Coaching
Team Coaching

All of our coaching programs can be paid for on a session by session basis. We also offer a variety of coaching packages, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Business Development Group

Are you are the owner or a leader within a small to medium sized business and are looking for the benefits of working with other likeminded entrepreneurs and leaders in business. If so, then the Business Development Group if for you. Click here for further details.


We run monthly seminars on a range of topics to give you an introduction to our workshops. For further details of our seminars click here.


We run a range of workshops on personal, interpersonal, presentation and leadership skills. For further details of our workshops click here.

Our methods of coaching

At Delphinium we appreciate that everyone is individual, and as such, we provide coaching via a number of different methods so you can choose the method that suits you. We provide coaching face to face, via Skype and also via telephone.

Face to Face

Face to Face coaching can be carried out at our offices, at your offices, in your home or even somewhere like a local coffee shop. What is important is that the location is somewhere you feel comfortable, with as few distractions as possible. An advantage of face to face coaching is that it can help to build that all important relationship between coach and coachee more swiftly than Skype or telephone. It can also give you that much needed time away from your business to help you gain perspective.


In a world where we are all busy and want to achieve as much as possible as efficiently as possible, Skype (or alternative) can enable you to do that. You still have the visual element of a face to face meeting and you can fit sessions in when it suits you, without the added time of travelling to a coaching session or it being inconvenient to have someone coming to you. It is also a great alternative if you travel with your business and you want to keep up with your regular coaching sessions. Another huge benefit of Skype is that you can choose the coach that you want to work with as opposed to making do with a coach that is available in your local area.


This is very similar to Skype in that it can be more efficient than face to face coaching. It also has the added benefit of not needing internet access at the time of your session or if you don’t feel comfortable using Skype just yet.

Pay As You Go

Pay as you go coaching is as exactly as it says on the tin. You pay for each coaching session as you go along. The length and frequency of the sessions will depend on your individual needs.